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"Adobe InDesign CC 2017 Fundamentals" is a comprehensive 2 day course that covers InDesign essentials while providing countless tips and techniques to help you become more productive while using the tool.

This course includes in-depth training on core introductory, intermediate and even advanced InDesign CC 2017 topics to provide a solid foundation for any type of post-class InDesign work that a student will engage in. The class material is delivered at a brisk pace but adequate time is provided for the instructor to thoroughly cover all topics and for students to complete all hands-on exercises.



Because of the amount of material we cover in this class, we do require students to be comfortable using a mouse, opening and saving files, and the general operations of computers.  We highly recommend working with the application tutorial before coming to the course.



Chapter 1: Introducing the Workspace

Getting started

Looking at the workspace

Working with panels

Customizing the workspace

Navigating through a document

Using context menus

Exploring on your own


Chapter 2: Getting to Know InDesign

Getting started

Viewing guides

Preflighting as you work

Adding text

Working with styles

Working with graphics

Working with objects

Working with object styles

Viewing the document in Presentation mode

Exploring on your own


Chapter 3: Setting Up a Document and Working with Pages

Getting started

Creating and saving custom document settings

Creating a new document

Switching between open InDesign documents

Working with master pages

Applying master pages to document pages

Adding new document pages

Rearranging and deleting document pages

Changing the size of pages

Adding sections to change page numbering

Overriding master page items on document pages and placing text and graphics

Viewing the completed spread

Exploring on your own


Chapter 4: Working with Objects

Getting started

Working with layers

Creating and modifying text frames

Creating and modifying graphics frames

Adding metadata captions to graphics frames

Placing and linking graphics frames

Changing the shape of a frame

Wrapping text around a graphic

Modifying the shape of frames

Transforming and aligning objects

Selecting and modifying grouped objects

Creating a QR Code

Finishing up

Exploring on your own


Chapter 5: Flowing Text

Getting started

Flowing text into an existing frame

Flowing text manually

Creating text frames while flowing text

Flowing text automatically

Creating threaded frames automatically

Resizing text frames automatically

Adding a jump line page number

Exploring on your own


Chapter 6: Editing Text

Getting started

Finding and changing a missing font

Entering and importing text

Finding and changing text and formatting

Checking spelling

Editing text by dragging and dropping

Using the Story Editor

Tracking changes

Exploring on your own


Chapter 7: Working with Typography

Getting started

Adjusting vertical spacing

Changing fonts and type style

Fine-tuning columns

Changing paragraph alignment

Creating a drop cap

Adjusting letter and word spacing

Adjusting line breaks

Setting tabs

Adding a rule above a paragraph

Exploring on your own


Chapter 8: Working with Color

Getting started

Managing color

Synchronizing color settings in Adobe Bridge

Specifying color settings in InDesign

Displaying images at full resolution

Proofing colors onscreen

Defining printing requirements

Creating and applying colors

Working with gradients

Creating a tint

Creating a spot color

Applying colors to text and objects

Using advanced gradient techniques

Exploring on your own


Chapter 9: Working with Styles

Getting started

Creating and applying paragraph styles

Creating and applying character styles

Nesting character styles inside paragraph styles

Creating and applying object styles

Creating and applying table and cell styles

Globally updating styles

Loading styles from another document

Exploring on your own


Chapter 10: Importing and Modifying Graphics

Getting started

Adding graphics from other programs

Comparing vector and bitmap graphics

Managing links to imported files

Updating revised graphics

Adjusting display quality

Working with clipping paths

Working with alpha channels

Importing native Adobe graphics files

Using a library to manage objects

Using Adobe Bridge to import graphics

Exploring on your own


Chapter 11: Creating Tables

Getting started

Converting text to a table

Formatting a table

Creating a header row

Adding graphics to table cells

Creating and applying table and cell styles

Exploring on your own


Chapter 12: Working With Transparency

Getting started

Importing and colorizing a grayscale image

Applying transparency settings

Adding transparency effects to imported vector and bitmap graphics

Importing and adjusting Illustrator files that use transparency

Applying transparency settings to text

Working with effects

Exploring on your own


Chapter 13: Printing and Exporting

Getting started

Preflighting files

Packaging files

Creating an Adobe PDF proof

Previewing separations

Previewing how transparency effects will be flattened

Previewing the page

Printing a laser or inkjet proof

Using the Ink Manager

Exploring on your own


Chapter 14: Creating Adobe PDF Files with Form Fields

Getting started

Adding form fields

Exporting an interactive Adobe PDF file

Exploring on your own


Chapter 15: Creating and Exporting an ebook

Getting Started

Completing the booklet

Choosing the content of an ebook

Adding metadata

Exporting an EPUB file

Exploring on your own

Chapter 16: Working with Long Documents

Getting Started

Starting a book

Creating a running footer

Adding a footnote

Adding a cross-reference

Synchronizing a book

Generating a table of contents

Indexing a book

Exploring on your own



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