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In this one day instructor-led training course, students will learn how to create and host an Adobe Connect Meeting. Instruction topics include Creating Users & Meetings; Sharing Documents & Applications; Customizing the User Experience; Conducting Meeting Polls; Recording Meetings and much, much more. In addition, the course focuses strongly on best practices for hosting Adobe Connect Meetings and managing associated content.



This course is for people who plan on creating and hosting Adobe Connect Meetings.



To gain the most from this class, you should already:

Have administration rights to an Adobe Connect Meetings account

Be familiar with the Microsoft Windows operating system

Be familiar with using Microsoft Internet Explorer

Be familiar with basic computer terminology



Lesson 1: Adobe Connect Central


Adobe Connect Central Landing Page

Adobe Connect Central Tab Menu

Lesson 2: Basic Adobe Connect Administration


System Users:

Default System Groups:

Creating Users

Creating Groups

Adding / Removing Users from Groups

Deleting Users and Groups

Resetting Users Passwords

Lesson 3: Creating a Meeting Room


What is a Meeting Room

Who Can Create a Meeting Room

Creating a Room

Selecting a Meeting Room Name

Custom Meeting URL

Assigning a Start Time to Your Meeting

Setting Meeting Access

Audio Conference Settings

Selecting Participants

Sending Invitations with Connect

Sharing the URL Manually

Entering the Room

 Lesson 4: Meeting Features


Meeting Drop Down Menus

Speaker Volume

Connect My Audio

Start My Webcam

Set Status

Meeting Pods

Connection Status

Layout Bar

Lesson 5: Meeting Attendees


Welcoming Accepted Guests

Inviting Attendees

Blocking Access to the Meeting

Placing Participants on Hold

Adobe Connect Notifications

Participant Status

Registered Users Vs. Guests

Meeting Attendee Roles:

Promote / Demote Attendees

Auto Promoting Participants

Lesson 6: Chat Pod


The Chat Pod

Your Chat Text Size

Your Chat Color

Private Messages

Disabling Private Chat

Chat Timestamps

Chat Sounds

Posting Links in Chat Pod

Emailing Chat History

Clearing Chat

Lesson 7: Sharing Audio (VOIP)


Audio Preferences

Microphone Preferences

Connecting Your Audio

Muting Your Microphone

Microphone Rights for Participants

Active Speakers

Muting Participants Microphones

Unmuting Participants Microphones

Lesson 8: Sharing Video


Video Preferences

Connecting Your Camera

Camera Preview

Selecting Cameras

Camera Rights for Participants

Selecting Camera Layouts

Pausing and Stopping Your Webcam Share

Lesson 9: Using a Share Pod


Sharing Documents

Sharing PDF Documents

Sharing PowerPoint Presentations

Annotating a Presentation

Navigating Through a Document

Synchronizing Your Document with Your Audience

Sharing Images

Sharing Videos

Sharing a Whiteboard

Sharing Previously Shared Content

Lesson 10: Note, File Share & Web Link Pods


Note Pods

Setting Colors and Fonts

File Share Pod

Adding Files

Removing / Renaming Files

Web Link Pod

Adding Links

Removing Links

Forcing Participants to Links

Lesson 11: Customizing Pods


Setting Pod Names

Hiding Pods

Re-Opening Pods

Managing Pods

Deleting Pods and Unused Pods

Moving Pods

Resizing Pods

Maximizing Pods

Restoring a Pod

Full Screen View

Forcing Presenter View

Resetting Layouts

Lesson 12: Sharing Screens


Screen Sharing Basics

Share Quality Preferences


Share Screen

Connect Add-In

Sharing Desktop

Sharing Applications

Sharing Windows

The Mini Controller

Pausing and Annotating

Ending a Screen Share

Requesting a Screen Share

Requesting Control

Lesson 13: Meeting Polls


Creating a Multiple Choice Poll

Creating a Multiple Answer Poll

Creating a Short Answer Poll

Opening a Poll

Presenter View

Participant View

Ending a Poll

Editing a Poll

Viewing Votes

Poll Results

Lesson 14: Recording a Meeting


Starting a Meeting Recording

Pausing Your Recording

Ending Your Recording

Locating Your Recordings

Making your Recordings Public

Adding a Password

Sharing The Recording

Taking Your Recordings Offline

Lesson 15: Ending a Meeting


Ending the Meeting

Setting a Meeting End Message

Setting a URL to Sign-Off

Reusing Your Meeting Room

Items to Reset

Lesson 16: Managing Content


Meeting Locations

User Meeting Folders

Uploaded Meeting Content

Organizing Your Content

Creating Content Folders

Pre-Loading Content

Loading User Content







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